the best drifting documentary to sleep through

the best drifting documentary to sleep through

Hey there, nice to see you, hope you’ve been well. Decided to push this video to the front and skip the years worth of other stuff I have to work on still. This one isn’t the same formula, there isn’t much for music besides the introduction to each of the two days. This is also chronological instead of featuring the highlights right away. Let me know if you like, I plan on doing a bunch of stuff similar for a while.

First song is Velvet Lune, big thanks to them for letting me use another song. You can find them @VelvetLune .

Second song is by my good friend Sean, @denzelsincere

Thumbnail pic is of Rick during Rio Bash and not this video but it’s pretty and I hope it helps people want to watch the vid.

Filmed with: Sony a6500 iPhone 13

Chapters 0:00 Intro song 03:40 Open driving 11:08 Competition practice 19:50 Roll call line up 30:11 Team tandem jam session 55:45 Top 4 team competition 59:24 Podium 01:01:34 Night Driving 01:10:44 Sunday morning intro 01:13:13 Open driving 01:24:03 Single tandem competition 01:46:47 Podium 01:59:47 Outro #drifting

Written by Street Phonk Guy

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